The Ever-Changing Priority List

It’s been a while since we posted. We have been very busy! We have learned over the years that there is always a priority list and that list is ever-changing. Usually during the winter months we focus on equipment maintenance, purchasing and assembling equipment for the year, and planning out what we want to focus on. This year will be a bit different than previous years. In addition to our regular activities, we have to work on repairs to buildings and cleaning up at multiple locations. I thought I would post an update on what we are focusing on now. All the pictures included in this post were taken on Saturday, January 9th.


We are still selling Kenny’s Original Seasoning. The 8 oz. container is $5. Most of our seasoning is sold through people that Kenny works with. I will keep containers in my van for any local friends that would like to buy some. I used to do this regularly, but we don’t get out and about as much. Please let me know if you would like some.


We currently have 3 hives. We took quite a hit on our hive count. This wasn’t from the hurricanes, but from an ant issue. Thank you to everyone that checks in with us often about honey. Hopefully, we will have more to offer this summer.

Chickens, Ducks, & Guineas

I feel like our chickens are a mess right now. Several of our coops were messed up in the hurricanes. Our biggest coop with our barnyard mix chickens flipped over in both hurricanes. Their fencing, gate, and netting were damaged. Even the wire on the front of the coop received damage and is missing in some places. A tree fell on our trampoline coop and caused some damage to support posts. Our smallest bantam coop was flipped. It took us a few days to find the temporary coop the guineas were in. It was across the yard under a lot of branches. One of our new coops lost its roof. All the coops are livable, but not 100% predator proof. The coops move up and down the priority list as other issues come up.

Land Clearing, Bush Hogging, & Dirt Work Equipment

This time of year is typically a good time to do maintenance on equipment. Of course someone will call for a job as soon as you have everything taken apart. Finding new issues, waiting on ordered parts, and having the time to work on the equipment can drag out any project. I’m glad Kenny knows what he is doing.

There is still a lot of work to do. Buildings need to be fixed. Trees and vines need to be dug up and replanted. As soon as the priority list dwindles down, other items work their way in. Progress is being made and we still love what we do!


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